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About Team Beauty

Our commitment to creating an exciting and enjoyable experience that you will remember for years is at the heart of Team Beauty.


We love what we do, and you will never be another bride to us.

We care about every detail you have spent months perfecting, so we'll discuss the specifics of your wedding hair and makeup. Our team will listen to your vision and work passionately to make it a reality.

We arrive at your wedding location prepared and organized, with all we need to care for you and your wedding party. We use high-quality hair and makeup products and tools to ensure your look lasts into the night.

​Everyone deserves to be seen and celebrated for their love. We truly believe this in every aspect of Team Beauty. We welcome people of all faiths, ethnicities, colors, abilities, ages, genders, and LGBTQ+ identities.

We promise we will give you our absolute best. 

Meet Jen 

Team Beauty is a team of hair stylists and makeup artists based in Bergen County, New Jersey, owned by Jennifer Turrin. We work with brides to create their perfect wedding day look, which will look and feel like them, look stunning on camera and video, last all night, and be one they will cherish forever.

I'm Jen, a licensed hairstylist, the wife of a talented hairstylist, and the mother of two beautiful boys. These days, you can find me growing my business and investing in my team and clients.

The most valuable gift I can offer brides is created from my hands, heart, and creative mind. And my bride's beauty, inside and out, is the reason for my years of success.

I worked in the salon industry for over 25 years and fell in love with bridal and everything about it. From the individuality of each bride's style to the excitement she feels as she walks down the aisle in her wedding gown.

Those are the beautiful moments that fill my heart! And it was in those moments that I knew that I had found my true passion.

Today, I've become a wedding industry specialist and built a team of professional stylists and artists who are as dedicated to helping you look and feel your best as I am.


Together, we make up "Team Beauty."

Jennifer Turrin Bridal Hair Makeup Team Beauty

Jennifer Turrin is a true creator and designer of bridal. Known for her warmth and personal touch, she pushes the creative boundaries of a bride's beauty to match the details of their wedding day perfectly.

Forest Wedding Photography

"On your wedding day, there's more to hair and makeup than meets the eye. There is happiness, peace of mind, and, most importantly, confidence. Everyone is unique, and that is what makes us all beautiful."
— Jen

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